Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library (QNL) has three main functions: the National Library, the University and Research Library, and a state-of-the-art Metropolitan Public Library. QNL collects and provides access to global knowledge, preserves heritage content and materials. It also provides printed and digital library materials for students and researchers, and delivers library services and information for everyone. Visit our website

QNL Holds First Board Of Trustees Meeting

During the meeting, the board discussed the national library’s strategic and business plans, in addition to reviewing its collection development strategy, which has been set up to meet the needs and interests of a diverse audience.

The Blue Jackal Book Launched at QNL Event

Appealing to children, the story of ‘The Blue Jackal’ and the 17 other fables written by Qatar-based author Frances Gillespie have been inspired by the rich cultural heritage from all over the Muslim world.